Time to Think

Time to think to do differently

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Nature needs time to recover from the transformation imposed by humans. In the name of progress, human beings have invented machines that run on oil and coal that release polluting gases. Human beings also cut trees because they need space to plant with pesticides and raise cattle in deforested areas. The consumer society pollutes rivers, [...]

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Earth Day 22 April 2020 – 50 years

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Climate change is the biggest problem for humanity and also our biggest challenge. In 2019, young people from all over the world came together to strike   and demand for a solution  and Action Nos.  The movement  became known as Fridays for Future. To stop environmental disasters and drastic climate changes, a radical change is needed [...]

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Amazonia Day

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Amazon Day is celebrated annually on September 5. The name Amazon comes from the word “amassunu” which was how the Indians referred to the river, “noise of waters” or rumbling water. It was the Amazon River that gave its name to the Amazon Forest. On September 5, 1850 D. Pedro II created buy decree the [...]

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Foto divulgação da Força Aérea Brasileira / Brazilian Air Force

Brazilian Amazon forest has govern response

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The international community has revolted with the fires in our Amazon which is known to be the lungs of the world. In fact, the Amazon is a mature forest and currently captures little carbon, according to the National Institute of Amazon Research INPA. Oceans account for 70% of the planet’s respiration through the diatons algae [...]

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World Environment Day 2019 – Beat Air Pollution

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Every year we celebrate World Environment Day on June th to raise awareness  that protecting the environment and its natural resources is a major issue matter  for humanity. In 2019,  the theme is Air Pollution and China is the host country of the event organized by the Organization of Nations. We need to do something [...]

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Who is Greta Thunberg?

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The girl who at 8 heard about climate change, climate change and global warming, global warming. But how could the human being change the climate? And why was not this the main news on TV, in the newspapers, everywhere? “If fossil fuels are so bad and threaten our very existence, how can we continue life [...]

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Earth Day 22 april 2019

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The theme of Earth Day 2019 is Protect Our Species. We need to be aware of species threatened by global warming and climate change. The Earth Day Network  listed 10 species that are threatened and need our help. Look how important they are: 1. BEES AND INSECTS Bees and insects have greatly diminished. They are [...]

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Estonia_waste in forests

September 15 World Cleanup Day

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The story of this day began in 2008 with a small country called Estonia, with half the country covered by pristine forests. The problem is that waste was thrown in the woods and everywhere! It was then that fifty thousand people gathered to clean up together a whole country in 5 hours. Since then the  [...]

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Paroquia Solar

Solar Parish – an illuminated initiative

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This story takes place in Sousa, a city in the Brazilian state of Paraíba.  The Catholic priest Paulo Diniz started the Solar Parish project inspired by Pope Francis in his encyclic Laudato Si “On care four our common home”. The Solar Parish system has been inaugurated July 6 and is connected to the electricity grid of the Paraíba [...]

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Sobrecarga_Museu Amanhã

Earth is overloaded!

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How many people can the Earth sustain? Each year we are more people on the planet consuming more natural resources than nature has the capacity to recover. As of 1/8/2018 we could not consume anything else, but we will continue to use the natural resources to manufacture products and by them. Earth does not have the [...]

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