Who is Greta Thunberg?

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The girl who at 8 heard about climate change, climate change and global warming, global warming. But how could the human being change the climate? And why was not this the main news on TV, in the newspapers, everywhere?
If fossil fuels are so bad and threaten our very existence, how can we continue life as before? Why do not they become illegal?”
For Greta this did not make sense. At the of age eleven, she became ill, stopped eating, stopped talking.
The girl grew up and became a teenager activist.
For her, it is black or white: emissions (carbon) have to stop.
Rich countries have to cut emissions more because countries like India and Nigeria are still building infrastructure for their economy.
People continue to do the same because they do not know the consequences of their day to day.
“No one is acting like we’re in a crisis.”
“If I live to be 100 years old, I’m going to live in the year 2103, but today we think about the future until the year 2050, which would be half of my life at best.”
At age 75, if I have kids and grandchildren, maybe I’ll spend the day with them and maybe they’ll ask why we did not do anything …? Whatever we do or do not do now, will affect my whole life. “
For Greta, it was enough and when classes started in August 2018, Greta sat in front of the Swedish Parliament and went on strike not to go to school.
Some think it should become a scientist to solve the climate crisis, “but the climate crisis has already been resolved. We already have the facts and the solutions. What we have to do is wake up and change “AND WHY SHOULD I STUDY FOR A FUTURE WHEN NOBODY IS DOING NOTHING TO SAVE THIS FUTURE?”
… what we need more than hope is action. Instead of seeking hope, seek action. … Everything needs to change and it has to be now. “