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OLM School Science Fair

Data / date: 19/04/22 Sem comentarios / No Comments

The PlanetAtivo Project was at the Our Lady of Mercy School Science Fair – OLM Rio, Saturday April 9 . Projects were amazing! In 2022, most of the work was directed to the challenges of environmental issues and the search for sustainability solutions, meaning to guarantee natural resources for future generations. The most complete work  [...]

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Lar Anne Frank

Book’s Donation to Brazilian Anne Frank Home

Data / date: 02/07/18 Sem comentarios / No Comments

PlanetAtivo Project donated 30 copies of the book Sophia’s  Mission on Planet Earth to Brazilian Anne Frank Home in Rio Grande do Sul to celebrate 2018 World Environment Day. The institution does exemplary work for children’s education taking the most care of the students. We hope that children can entertain themselves with the story of the book [...]

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Bread & Salad project

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PlanetAtivo has lanched  today 27/9 Bread & Salad Project. The initiative was inspired by chef Jamie Oliver to encourage healthy eating at CAMP, where the Young Learners program takes place. They learned to prepare the basic sauce to season the salad: salt, vinegar and olive oil. Then they prepared a rolled sandwich with organic vegetables, [...]

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Sun Valley Community School

Book Sophia’s Mission to Community School Sun Valley

Data / date: 16/06/15 Sem comentarios / No Comments

PlanetAtivo Project meets students from Sun Valley Community School, Idaho,  in Hotel Porto Cercado Sesc Pantanal, Brazil. It is an ecological resort among the beautiful nature of Pantanal biome. Sesc Pantanal is a Private Reserve of Natural Heritage, since 2003. The protected area has  87.871.44 hectares of permanent rivers, lakes, flood plains and forests. The [...]

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“Sophia’s Mission at CEI”

Data / date: 12/06/14 Sem comentarios / No Comments

The author of the book ” Sophia’s Mission on Planet Earth” has been at CEI  Center of Educational Integrated Space to answer students’ questions about the book. Students of  English Extension’s  program asked their questions in English to practice the language. They wanted to know how to make  a book,  how  came the idea and [...]

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Learning with games!

Data / date: 20/05/14 1 comentario / 1 Comment

Learning with games! Oak class and Pine class project in  are reading the book “SOPHIA’S MISSION ON  SOFIA ON PLANET  EARTH” and playing games to learn more. In chapter 2 of the book they have  understood how human activities have caused changes in our planet and what we call Environmental Impact! They played a word [...]

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Monday group is the first!

Data / date: 13/05/13 Sem comentarios / No Comments

Monday group is the first  to complete the Environmenta Integrated Course Project PlanetAtivo in Camp. Those who passed the exam will earn a Certificate of Environmental Awareness. The test had 10 questions pertaining to the ten classes taught during the year 2012. Students who obtained the highest grades deserve our CONGRATULATIONS: Ewerton Barreto Brazil and [...]

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The class and Profs Elizabeth and Rosane

Camp has a new class group!

Data / date: 13/09/12 1 comentario / 1 Comment

A new class in Camp Project Rio de Janeiro  is enjoying the book “Sofia’s Mission  on Planet Earth”.  Forty students learn and put into practice  environment lessons . At the end the students will earn  a certificate of “Environmental Awareness”. On Tuesday  September 4 we went to the Zoo to see the biodiversity of the [...]

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Prêmio Lions

An award for the project!

Data / date: 16/05/12 3 Comentarios / Comments

Elizabeth A. Ramos author of  the book “Sofia’s Mission on Planet Earth“ and coordinator ofIntegrated Environmental Education Project has received a diploma and a medal from the Lions Club’s in Rio de Janeiro for the initiative. In the picture: Marcus, Sara, Adriana, Dalete, Elizabeth, Barbara, Natalia, Gabriel and Ana Beatriz and Beatriz. The Lions Club meets the needs of local communities and the world. More than1.35 million members in 206 countries who believe that ”The community iswhat we make it.” CAMP students are [...]

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Planting Atlantic Forest Seedlings

Data / date: 19/09/10 1 comentario / 1 Comment

On June 1st 2010, Planetativo Project sponsored the planting of seedlings correspondent  to the graphic production of our book. Every product we consume comes from nature. The  book Sophia ‘s Mission on Planet Earth / A Missão de Sofia no Planeta Terra  was also made with nature’s resources. The paper came from trees; the ink [...]

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