September 15 World Cleanup Day

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The story of this day began in 2008 with a small country called Estonia, with half the country covered by pristine forests. The problem is that waste was thrown in the woods and everywhere!
It was then that fifty thousand people gathered to clean up together a whole country in 5 hours. Since then the  Let’s Do It! movement has spread throughout the world with the  1-country 1-day model.  In 2008 Estonians were able to clear the country in 5 hours, which would take 3 years if it was done by the government. They collected about 10.000 tons of waste!
To date, 120 countries and 20 million people have joined together to clean up illegal waste.
On September 15, 2018, people in 150 countries will rise up against the global rubbish problem, being the biggest positive action of people the world has ever seen. We can imagine a powerful “green wave” beginning the day in New Zealand and Japan and ending in Hawaii with millions of people taking a positive initiative this very day.
Be part of it, share and live a better world! LET’S DO IT!