Environment Excellence Hospitals in New Jersey

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cauliflower bites

The Jersey Shore University Medical Center and the Hackensack University Medical Center were recently recognized by Practice Greenhealth as Top 25 Hospitals for Environmental Excellence. The hospitals belong to Hakcensack Meridian Health.

  • Jersey Shore University Medical Center was recognized for its leadership in serving fewer meat options in the cafeteria. By serving less meat, the hospital is helping prevent many diet-related illnesses. New dishes like buffalo cauliflower bites and falafel hash are now on the menu and patients have better food sources while also preserving the environment.

Hackensack Meridian Health is reducing its environmental footprint in several ways and leading the way in sustainability throughout Hackensack Meridian hospitals

  • Standardized the use of third-party certified green cleaning products Rolled out participation in the cool food pledge which focuses on meat reduction throughout Hackensack Meridian hospitals while also implementing sustainable meat
  • Successfully enrolled in all available utility and state programs for energy efficiency funding for Hackensack Meridian hospitals
  • On Stop Food Waste Day in 2019, Jersey Shore University Medical Center held a Zero Waste Dinner to raise awareness of the ongoing efforts in reducing waste created by each meal

The Practice Greenhealth Environmental Excellence Awards program began in 2002 and recognizes health care organizations for their commitment to environmental stewardship and their sustainability achievements.

Source: Jersey Shore on line