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Climate Talks in Lima

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The city of Lima in Peru hosts  the  UN “Conference of Parties”, from  December 1 to 12.  This conference is part of the agreement signed by the Kyoto Protocol. It is time to talk and prepare an effective agreement to reduce greenhouse gases and climate changes consequences. “Senior officials from the host, Peru, and biggest regional [...]

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Jim Maragos, Creative Commons.

World’s largest marine reserve

Data / date: 26/09/14 2 Comentarios / Comments

Thursday, September 25th , two days after the Climate Summit in New York that brought together 120 heads of government to discuss measures to climate change. President Obama signed a proclamation  creating the largest marine reserve in the world with expansion of  Pacific Remote Islands of Howland, Baker and Jarvis and Johnston, Palmyra and Wake [...]

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A Human Chain to save Europe form coal miningu

Data / date: 26/08/14 3 Comentarios / Comments

Saturday, August 23. Thousands of people marched to the border of Germany and Poland in Lusatia. They were there to  fight one against one of the biggest environmental disasters in the heart of Europe: lignite mines – type of coal with high carbon content in its constitution (65-75%). They formed a human chain of 8 [...]

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Reuters (The Guardian)

The Largest Wind-Farm in Africa

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Ethiopia begins to prepare for the future with the opening of the largest wind-farm in Africa. The inauguration took place on  Saturday, October 26. The wind-farm has a capacity of 120 megawatts and will produce about 400 million kWh per year. Ashegoda  wind-farm is located 780 km north of Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia. The [...]

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Water: where does it comes from?

Data / date: 06/08/13 1 comentario / 1 Comment

This was the theme of the 22nd International Children’s Painting Competition on the Environment run by the United Nations Environment Programme (Unep). The prize is held every year and in 2013 entries have increased ten per cent with 700.000 entries of children from 110 countries. The winner was 13-year-old girl Chiractchaya Kaeokamkong’s painting of a [...]

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Victory for Bees!

Data / date: 30/04/13 1 comentario / 1 Comment

Europe has banned yesterday  pesticides neocotinoids responsibles for destroying the population of bees. 15 of the 27 member states of the European Union voted by a restriction of two years to pesticides. The victory is for bees over the strong lobby of the chemical industry and the opposition from countries that did not want the [...]

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22nd International Children’s Painting Competition

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The competition is organized by the United Nations Program for the Environment and Japan baded Foundation for Global Peace and Environment FGPE, Bayer and Nikon Corporation.  The theme for 2013  “Water: Source of Life.” Valuing water is a priority for the environment. To participate you must be between 6 and 14 years and have your [...]

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World’s largest Marine Park

Data / date: 18/11/12 1 comentario / 1 Comment

On November 15th, Australia proclaimed the world’s largest network of marine reserves to be  permanently protected. The proclamation which will protect more than 2.3 million square kilometres of ocean environment. Australia is home to some stunning marine environments including the Perth Canyon in the southwest and corals of the Coral Sea. This announcement consolidates Australia’s [...]

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July 11th World Population Day

Data / date: 11/07/12 1 comentario / 1 Comment

On July 11th 1987 the world population reached the milestone of five billion people and the  United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) decided to recognize the date as the World Population Day. Since the appearance of human beings, the world’s population is always growing and ever more rapidly. The world population took almost 2000 years to [...]

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Rio+20 & Você / Rio+20 & You

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Several events are taking place at the Gavea Planetarium , Planetário da Gávea, during United Nations Conference, Rio+20 e Você. Exhibitions, talks about projects that are working,  puppetry  and workshops for children, music, performing arts and much more! The PlanetAtivo Project encourages this initiative by donating 100 copies of the book  Sofia’s Mission on Planet [...]

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