April 22 – Earth Day PlanetAtivo Anniversary

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The launch of the book  Sophia’s Mission on Planet Earth 8 years ago marked the beginning of the Planet Active Project. Since then, there have been many experiences to fulfill our mission of educating and informing about the environment. From the beginning, PlanetAtivo’s goal was to make it possible for children and young people to [...]

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Water bath

March 22 – World Water Day 2018

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HOW CAN WE REDUCE FLOODS, DROUGHTS AND WATER POLLUTION? The Answer is in Nature. We need to preserve the ecosystems that give us water with good actions such as planting trees, not deforesting and preserving clean waters. We have to plant trees to restore the forests. We have to reconnect the rivers to the plains [...]

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One Planet

One Planet Summit 2017

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Tuesday 12/12 One Planet Summit held in Paris, marks the second anniversary of the Paris Global Agreement in 2015. The agreement gave a boost to investments to fight global warming. The European Commission has announced funds of € 9 billion to act against climate change and measures by governments, businesses and investors aim to achieve [...]

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Volunteers plant 66 million trees

There are reasons to think it is possible

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US and China, the two major polluters and India, one potential polluter are trying to mitigate climate change effect. In the United States, the campaign to plant 10 billion trees is in motion to compensate for Trump’s ignorance of climate change. Until December 24, 2017, organizers hope to plant 10,000  the last being a Christmas [...]

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21 Kids vs Trump

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Twenty-one children from small US cities are suing the administration of President Trump and the case will be reviewed by a Federal court. According to AVAAZ, they have a small and motivated team of lawyers, but they do not have the resources to face Trump and the oil industry. That is why they ask for [...]

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April 22 International Mother Earth Day

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April 22 is Internacional Mother Earth Day! The date was created to remind us that the Earth gives us everything we have and what we need. It is the Earth that sustains us. It is the responsibility of ALL to be in harmony with nature and achieve a balance of development so that the children [...]

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COP 22 – Marrakesh

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The United Nations Conference on Climate Change has started yesterday 7/11 in Marrakesh, Morocco. The Paris Accord was ratified by 100 countries. This means all signataries countries have agreed to assert what is written. The aim of the agreement is that the world economy can develop within the concept of sustainability, without emitting gas harmful [...]

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Araucaria, Mauá, Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian Arbor Day – September 21

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Archaeopteris was the first tree to appear on Earth, but there is another tree that has been here for millions of years, since the time of dinosaurs. It is our Araucaria, also known as Paraná pine. The name comes from the Arauco region of central Chile, where Araucani Indians live. Brazilian Tupi-Guarani Indians Brazil named [...]

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The Olympics Legacy in Rio de Janeiro

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The opening ceremony of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro was marked by concern for Earth biodiversity. To reduce the environmental impact of the event, each athlete received a seed of a native tree of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. There were 208 species of seeds, one for each participating country of the games and for [...]

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WED Day Go Wild for Life

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The United Nations decided: zero tolerance for illegal wildlife trade!  Killing animals to sell its parts is a crime! Go Wild for Life is  the theme of World Environment Day in 2016. In 2015, the United Nations adopted a historic resolution Tackling the Illicit Trafficking in Wildlife which requires all countries to make efforts to [...]

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