Amazonia Day

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Guaruba Tree

Amazon Day is celebrated annually on September 5. The name Amazon comes from the word “amassunu” which was how the Indians referred to the river, “noise of waters” or rumbling water. It was the Amazon River that gave its name to the Amazon Forest. On September 5, 1850 D. Pedro II created buy decree the Province of Amazonas, present state of Amazonas. Today this date is chosen to raise awareness of the very important role that Amazonia has for the planet.

The Amazonia is of enormous importance to human life on the planet because of its biodiversity and its role as climate regulator. Contrary to what is said the Amazon is not “the lungs of the world” because it absorbs almost all the oxygen it produces.The Amazon rainforest provides many services to humans and its plants and herbs  are used in the manufacture of medicines and cosmetics. Scientists think we know only a small part of this variety of species and deforestation can destroy species that have not yet been discovered.
The Amazon has a fundamental role in balancing the regional climate and the planet. It is known for the formation of flying rivers and the amount of water that goes into the atmosphere is greater than the Amazon River itself! The river is the largest freshwater reserve on the planet and the Rio Negro, its largest tributary, has been cataloged 450 species of fish. The forest is also home to 70% of the animal species living in Brazil.
There are so many Amazonian riches in  that preserving the region is not an option, but a must!
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