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What is Greendefiniton?

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Greendefinition is a technology developed by National Geographic, NatGeo that allows you to save energy while watching television. The company has developed a special treatment for its content, capable of erasing half of the pixels on our television with a minimum quality. The technology can save up to 54% of the energy of television applications, [...]

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Custo ambiental - degradaçao

What is environmental cost?

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ENVIRONMENTAL COST is how much it costs to maintain the balance of ecosystems and the services provided by these systems such as clean air, water supply and food. Economic activities contribute to the deterioration of natural resources and jeopardize the continuity of these services. Monoculture destroys the biodiversity of an ecosystem and impoverishes the soil [...]

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What is a diatom?

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Diatom is an organism composed of molecules that  has 2 atoms, from Greek prefix di, which means two. They are found in trillions in the oceans and feed on the silica deposited in the waters. The Amazon rainforest and its flying rivers contribute greatly to feeding the diatoms, but they are everywhere where water is [...]

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rios voadores

Flying Rivers

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Flying rivers” are streams of water that are carried by the winds in the atmosphere. They are the supply of fresh water to South America continent that will be used to plant and fill the reservoirs of cities. These aerial rivers begin to form in the Atlantic Ocean with the great evaporation of enormous amounts of [...]

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Certified Humane Seal

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The Certified Humane seal represents respect for animals and means that animal raising obeys  strict requirements of Humane Farm Animal Care Program, the world leader in the certification of this kind. Taking the example of chicken farming,  the requirements are: • No cages • Ample space and shelter in ventilated and clean barns • Gentle [...]

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XL Catlin Seaview Survey

What is climate change?

Data / date: 15/04/16 1 comentario / 1 Comment

Climate change is a phenomenon referring to  changes in  the  Earth’s climate. Scientists have observed alterations in the weather patterns  for long periods of time. It is happening all over the world and the problem is that the change is associated with increasing natural disasters like floods and droughts. The temperature in Rio de Janeiro [...]

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Pre-Salt_ 500pxPetrobras

What is Pre-salt?

Data / date: 22/03/16 1 comentario / 1 Comment

March 22, Water Day. Preserve our oceans. The pre-salt denomination is used to designate geologic layers that were formed before salt layer was accumulated above it. When the oil found above the salt layers was over,  companies and governs became interested interest in the pre-salt layer. In the end of 2007, a large oil reserve [...]

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What is the difference between a tornado anda a hurricane or typhoon?

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The biggest difference is that the tornado occurs on earth and the hurricane and typhoon in the ocean. Typhoon and hurricane are the same  and difference is related to the location.  When it occurs in the Atlantic Ocean or Eastern Pacific is a hurricane and when it occurs in the Western Pacific is typhoon. The [...]

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What is agroforestry?

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Agro refers to agriculture and agroforestry is a farming system that integrates with the forest. The species of fruit and timber trees are simultaneously cultivated with crops such as rice, corn or beans. The agroforestry system is based on the principle of diversity and uses the native flora dynamics of species to bring the species [...]

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What is a corixo?

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The corixos are characteristic of the Brazilian Pantanal region. They  are temporary bodies of water that connect the bays and flooded fields. During the dry season, there is more rain and corixos disappear.

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