The Book

A Missão de Sofia no Planeta Terra/ Sophia’s Mission on Planet Earth


The story takes place today and tells the adventure of a twelve years old boy who meets travelers from another planet. The ruler of the planet Uno is  Sophia and she comes to Earth with a small entourage. They want to know our planet because they have had information from an ancestor that our environment is very beautiful.

Arriving in Rio, travelers will meet Roberto and decide to invite him to go with them around Earth in search of our wonderful nature. However, they find current reality does not match the current description of their ancestor.

The boy explains that progress has made many changes to the environment. Roberto is part of an international group of friends and decides to show both sides of our reality: that of nature and that of the consumer society.

Friends travel together in various parts of the planet: the Amazon Forest, New York, London, Africa, India, and China. Sophia learns a lot about our culture and its problems and ultimately leaves a message for everyone to accomplish their mission.

Sophia’s Mission on Planet Earth

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