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March 22 – Water Day

Data / date: 22/03/16 2 Comentarios / Comments

Water Day –  Preserve the Oceans. The ocean water is essential for biodiversity and all natural cycles and food production. Preserve the Oceans is our mission to ensure the future of the new generations. Oil exploration is a risk to the health of the oceans. The exploration of pre-salt in Brazil  takes place between 7,000 [...]

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Ocean Day

Ocean Day

Data / date: 08/06/15 1 comentario / 1 Comment

Since 2009, we have an official date to remind us how important the oceans  are for life on Earth. Oceans cover 97% of the planet’s water, but just 1% is protected. Oceans are responsible to release 50% of all oxygen in the atmosphere.Phytoplankton plants do the work thorugh photosynthesis. Ocean absorbs approximately 25% of the [...]

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What is LEED??

Data / date: 12/06/14 Sem comentarios / No Comments

LEED is the acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. This is an international certification system for buildings and environmental stewardship. There are 143 countries already using LEED. The aim is to encourage sustainability in projects, work and building operations. In Rio de Janeiro, the Park Library is trying to get this certification. The [...]

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13o Salão FNLJ – Book fair for children and youth

Data / date: 04/07/11 Sem comentarios / No Comments

“A Missão de Sofia no Planeta Terra/Sophia’s Mission on Planet Earth” has been to the 13rd  Salão  FNLJ, to deliver its message about environment protection and preservation. Georgia e Nicole FNLJ Christian The  Planeta Ativo has distributed 20 copies  of the book among young people, children and institutions such as Gol de Letra, Cruzado do Menor. Nicole and Georgia, author [...]

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2011 International Year of Forests

Data / date: 30/12/10 Sem comentarios / No Comments

The United Nations has declared 2011 as the International Year of Forests. The celebration logo  is designed to convey the theme of “Forests for People” celebrating the central role of people in the sustainable management, conservation and sustainable development of our world’s forests. See in the drawing what forests give to us: protection, biodiversity, food, medicine, clean [...]

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