The PlanetAtivo Project takes a new step to comply with its goal of Environmental Education, with ten digital files with supplementary lessons to the book A Missão de Sofia no Planeta Terra / Sophia’s Mission on Planet Earth. Each lesson refers to a relevant topic referred in the history.

The lessons will cover 10 main environmental issues. The educational content aims to simplify concepts related to environment and provide accurate information on the subjects.

All information is taken from reputable national  and international academic publications (UNEP Brazil Institute, UFRJ, MMA), UNEP, UNESCO, WWF).

The completion of the project is consistent with its goals and we have chosen to publish the content of lessons in digital format to save trees.

Lesson 1: Biodiversity
Lesson 2: Environment Impact
Lesson  3: Pollution
Lesson 4: Forests
Lesson 5: Consumer Society and Waste
Lesson 6: The heritage of Industrial Revolution
Lesson 7: Energy
Lesson 8: Water

Lesson 9: Action for Environment