Lesson 7: Energy

They were traveling at a height from which they could see the Earth’s landscape, and all of a sudden an alarm signal appeared on the panel! They were running out of energy and it seemed to be a flaw in the antimatter system. Sofia was worried:

“What are we going to do now, Nobel”? “Humm, replied Nobel, scratching his spiral beard. “I think we have to use the Earth’s fuel. Yes, Sofia, petroleum”.

“A polluting fuel”!

(Chapter VI – Pirates of oil – The Sofia Mission on Planet Earth, Sophia’s Mission on Planet Earth).

What is energy?

It is not easy for science to define energy. All matter in the Universe is made of energy particles.Concerning this lesson, we can say that energy is the ability to make something happen. Any action or labour movement depends on energy. We need energy to walk, write, dance and eat. We need energy to live!

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