Earth is overloaded!

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How many people can the Earth sustain? Each year we are more people on the planet consuming more natural resources than nature has the capacity to recover.
As of 1/8/2018 we could not consume anything else, but we will continue to use the natural resources to manufacture products and by them. Earth does not have the time to recover and we are jeopardizing our future .
It would take one more planet almost the size of the Earth to satisfy the consumption of the 7 billion people and we already know that there is no other similar planet in our solar system. We are indebted to the planet because we spend more than we can afford.
In 1970 we began to create our debt with increasing population and the need for more things in our lives. In 1988, the Day of Overload was on October 15 and in 2008 was on August 15. In 2018 we consumed everything we could of earth, carbon, water, food and wood in just 212 days. What’s next?
Nature suffers because it has no time to recover and we suffer the consequences with drought and lack of water, soil destruction and unpredictable weather with winter that seems summer and summer with unbearable days of heat and forest-burning fires ! If we replace 50% of meat consumption with a vegetarian diet, we can save 5 days in nature and transfer the Overload Day to August 6th. Industries can do even more with efficiency improvements in production. Yes, it is possible to reverse, but time is short!