April 22th – Earth day

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Earth Day has been celebrated for over 40 years, since 1970. The event was designed to raise awareness about the environment and inspire apreciation of nature. This year one billion people worldwide will be participating in Earth Day events. In Brazil, this day coincides with the day of the country’s discovery. The date 22th April is officially marked as the day that the Portuguese Crown announced [...]

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Trees are life

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On March 21st, we celebrated the World Forestry Day in the International Year of Forests. To mark the significance of the date, the PlanetAtivo Project has promoted the sale  of the book ”Sofia’s Mission  on Planet Earth”/ A Missão de Sofia no Planeta Terra , helping the international project Canopy Tree to plant trees. The project is an initiative of Earth Day Network and plant trees around the world,where they are needed. Forests are the livelihood of over one billion people worldwide. Furthermore, forests regulate  the world’s climate and fight global [...]

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Earth Hour

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Earth Hour began in 2007 in Sydney Australia, with 2 million people turned  their lights off for one hour to take a stand against climate change. A year later, the number has grown to  50 million people participating. The most famous cities in the world turned  the lights of its monuments off: in Rome, the Colosseum,  in San Francisco, the Golden Gate,  in Sydney the Harbor Bridge. In 2011  Rio de Janeiro switched the lights off of Christ the Redeemer and had the picture was published in the famous British [...]

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March 21 – World Forest Day

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Forests regulate the climate and help to maintain our atmosphere. First, because they recycle much of the oxygen we breathe, as a result of photosynthesis. Second, because they absorb large amounts of water (hundreds of liters per day, if a tropical  tree), that are returned to the atmosphere in the form of perspiration. In doing [...]

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Climate Change Conference, Cancun.

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The United Nations Conference on Climate Change, COP 16 (Sixteenth Conference of the Parties) takes place in Cancun Mexico, form Nov 29 to December 10. The Conference aims at finding an agreement between the parties (governments) for what was not resolved in Copenhagen last year and that can no longer be postponed. Climate change is [...]

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Caqui farm

Who uses more Nature resources? Who has the greatest natural capital?

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WWF  has recently released the Living Planet Report 2010. The biannual report makes a thorough study on the ecological footprint of countries. The EF measures consumption of renewable natural resources on land and sea that a population uses to satisfy its necessities. As we know, everything we consume comes from nature: paper, mobile, car, electricity, bread and fruit, [...]

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United Nations – Greening the Blue

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Greening the Blue represents United Nation’s effort to give an example of sustainability awareness; what it means is the use of nature’s resources in a way they do not end…

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World Car Free Day in Rio

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Despite the slow traffic in some parts of the city,  the  Traffic Company in Rio de Janeiro has estimated 105.000 less trips made by cars. In Downtown and South region the release of CO2 in atmosphere has been reduced in 70%.  The iniciative of bloking 2.000 parking spaces has worked and 330 cars received bail. [...]

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55th Anniversary Brazilian Arbor Day

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21st September is the 55th official Brazilian Arbor Day Anniversary. A day to show respect and care for Nature. The date was chosen because is the beginning of spring in the Southern Hemisphere.  Today we know that we can not live without the trees They are responsible for CO2 carbon sequester produced by industrialized modern [...]

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Clean up day

Clean Up the World 2010

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17-19 Setember 2010 – Clean Up the World Campaign A weekend dedicated to: Clean up Fix up and Conserve the environment. Join the estimated 35 million people in over 120 countries that participate in Clean Up the World each year. Suggested activities: plant a tree, clean a park or a beach, or the sea! Cean [...]

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