Time to think to do differently

Data / date: 27/06/20 Sem comentarios / No Comments

Nature needs time to recover from the transformation imposed by humans. In the name of progress, human beings have invented machines that run on oil and coal that release polluting gases. Human beings also cut trees because they need space to plant with pesticides and raise cattle in deforested areas. The consumer society pollutes rivers, seas and air. Industries discard pollutants from the manufacturing process in rivers.
Humanity suffers from the consequences of nature’s imbalance. Covid-19 is a call to think about what we can do differently because what we have done so far is not working.
The project has launched the campaign doing differently @planetativo on Instagram and Facebook for consumers to change their habits and live in a way we could protect natural resources so that we can use them in the future. From the speech of Sofia’s Mission on Planet Earth, “Nature is our only and true wealth”.