OLM School Science Fair

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Alix Mellin

The PlanetAtivo Project was at the Our Lady of Mercy School Science Fair – OLM Rio, Saturday April 9 .
Projects were amazing!
In 2022, most of the work was directed to the challenges of environmental issues and the search for sustainability solutions, meaning to guarantee natural resources for future generations.
The most complete work  was ECO-VILA  grade carried out by Rebeca’s 5th grade group with everything that is essential in a sustainable village: clean water, many trees, organic garden, electricity with solar panels, recycling point, electric cars, medical assistance free to guarantee health, education accessible to all.
Food is essential to life and this was the theme of the work “FOOD” carried out by Anabel from the 5th grade and group that went into a lot of details of what we should consume with a focus on Food Insecurity and on foods with artificial additives such as dyes, among others.
The most original and colorful work was dedicated to an essential and underappreciated element of nature “FROGS” (Frogs), Alix and Juliet, 5th grade. This little animal is essential as food for other animals and they are also important environmental bio-indicators: they only live in environments without pollution.