Book Sophia’s Mission to Community School Sun Valley

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PlanetAtivo Project meets students from Sun Valley Community School, Idaho,  in Hotel Porto Cercado Sesc Pantanal, Brazil. It is an ecological resort among the beautiful nature of Pantanal biome. Sesc Pantanal is a Private Reserve of Natural Heritage, since 2003. The protected area has  87.871.44 hectares of permanent rivers, lakes, flood plains and forests.

The students of Community School went to Pantanal with their Spanish school’s teacher, Mrs. Pilar Lindahl and  Mr. Paolo Ceotto, coordinator of SESC exchange program.

Pantanal is the largest wetland on the planet. We had a great time together watching alligators at night, when they are in their highest activity. Students also participated of other activities like horse riding, boat trips to see sunrise and sunset. Lunch at the Spa restaurant’s  was a special occasion to enjoy the local food.

The Project donate a copy of the book A Missão de Sofia no Planeta Terra/Sophia’s Mission on Planet Earth to the school’s library. Now students can understand more about environment issues through a fiction story and practice Portuguese at the same time.