Monday group is the first!

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Monday group is the first  to complete the Environmenta Integrated Course Project PlanetAtivo in Camp. Those who passed the exam will earn a Certificate of Environmental Awareness.

The test had 10 questions pertaining to the ten classes taught during the year 2012.

Students who obtained the highest grades deserve our CONGRATULATIONS:

Ewerton Barreto Brazil and Vitória Gabriele Augusto de Souza.

The other students who passed the exam are:

Mateus, Cassiane, Thais Aparecida e Raphael.

Check if you would pass the exam:

1. What are the two main gases that pollute the air?

2. What is the main cause of water pollution in the oceans?

3. Forests are sources of life and give us many things. What are those things?

4. The consumer society is a problem because it produces garbage.  What does the practice of 3Rs means in relation to waste?

5. What caused the biggest environmental impact in the Industrial Revolution?

6. What is renewable energy ?

7. What is virtual water? > That was the difficult question of exam!

8. We all need to do something to preserve the environment. What are you doing?

9. How do you imagine an ecological  future?

10. What are the two main sources of energy used to cause more  impact to the environment?