April 22 – Earth Day PlanetAtivo Anniversary

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Happy Anniversary PlanetAtivo

The launch of the book  Sophia’s Mission on Planet Earth 8 years ago marked the beginning of the Planet Active Project. Since then, there have been many experiences to fulfill our mission of educating and informing about the environment.
The activities complemented teaching with games, models, and tours. Those who were not interested in the environment began to become aware and make the change for the better. In the last stage of learning and to complement an issue not addressed in the book, we did the Bread & Salad project that aimed to raise awareness about food. The idea was to substitute the processed snack with natural sandwiches and salad with organic products: eggplant, zucchini, carrot, ricotta and also bread! Students have experienced the difference in flavor from common food to organic food without pesticides and have been taught on their benefits with videos and discussions.
We made several donations of books for schools and projects and for the general public, as in the Museum of Tomorrow. PlanetAtivo has visited several preserved places and almost pristine ones like Atacama desert.
The PlanetAtivo Facebook page has broadened the target audience and motivated the changes with relevant information and awareness campaigns.
To Develop, Innovate and Change using knowledge is our vision to value nature and preserve the environment.
Elizabeth A Ramos