Do you want water?

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Everyone wants because we need it. We can not live without water, but climate change is creating dramatic events such as droughts and floods that affect the water supply. It does not rain where it has to rain.
So if you want water, please note:
1 – Plant trees because they recycle the oxygen we breathe and absorb water that is returned to the atmosphere in the form of perspiration. Upon reaching the atmosphere, evaporated water will turn the rain we so desperately need.
2- Eat less meat. One of the causes of deforestation is the clearing of forests for cattle. A kilogram of beef consumes between 13,500 and 20,700 liters of water. To make matters worse, the loose ox gas methane type that will further heat the atmosphere and cause climate change.
3- Fight deforestation and desertification. The appearance of deserts is a consequence of the disappearance of forests. Without forests there is no water and the soil is degraded, dry and poor. Almost nothing grows on a desert. Land degradation already affects a third of the Earth’s surface and endangers the lives of over a billion people.
4- Be a conscious consumer. Every product uses water in its manufacture. It is what we call virtual water. A computer consumes 1,500 pounds of water because the materials used in its manufacture need several washes in very pure water. It takes a more water to make a computer of a refrigerator.
5- Buy  organic foods. According to studies conducted by Cornell University, organic farming conserves more water in the soil causes less erosion, maintain soil quality. Organic food is produced with composting method , no pesticides or fertilizers. The chemicals contaminate the water table and we get less water to drink.
6 – Do not wait until water runs out to begin changing your habits.

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