There are reasons to think it is possible

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10 billion trees campaign

US and China, the two major polluters and India, one potential polluter are trying to mitigate climate change effect.
In the United States, the campaign to plant 10 billion trees is in motion to compensate for Trump’s ignorance of climate change.
Until December 24, 2017, organizers hope to plant 10,000  the last being a Christmas tree planted in front of the White House!
Trump Forest organizers are urging people to donate trees to offset the 650 million tonnes of CO2 that will be released into the atmosphere by 2025 if the president continues to backtrack climate commitments. If the campaign succeeds, the trees must fill space the same size as the American state of Kentucky. Despite the ambitious goal, the organizers think it is possible.

Volunteers plant 66 million trees

According to the Indian government, 1.5 million volunteers planted a massive number of tree saplings along the Narmada River in the state of Madhya Pradesh. India hit its own record of 2016 when it planted 50 million trees in a day over 6,000 locations in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The Guinness referees monitored the plantation at the time to confirm the new record in the coming weeks.
In China, Liuzhou , a forest city emerges,  and will bring 40,000 trees and 1 million plants to urban environment. The new city built in the Guangxi region follows a series of vertical forest projects. In addition, plants will lower average air temperatures, create sound barriers and boost biodiversity with habitats for birds, insects and small animals.
The new city, built in the mountainous region of Guangxi in southern China, will provide clean air for its 30,000 inhabitants. The plants are capable of absorbing 10 000 tonnes of carbon and 57 tonnes of pollutants per year.
Planting trees is a solution, but you have to do it right!