COP 21 – We count on you

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We're counting on you! Contamos com você!

It all started in 1992 with the Rio-92 or the Rio Convention, when the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change UNFCC was adopted. The goal was an action framework to stabilize emissions of harmful gases to the atmosphere, the greenhouse gases (GHG).
The table currently owns 195 shares or participating countries.
Once a year, there is a Conference of the Parties, COP to review the implementation of the Framework Convention. In 2015, Paris is hosting  COP 21 in Paris. This time it is for real. We are already suffering from climate disasters.
For the first time in 20 years, the United Nations aimed at a universal climate agreement, valid for all countries and legally binding. The goal is to keep global warming below 2 ° C.
This will be one of the biggest international conferences ever held in the country and France will play a leading international role. They are expected about 50,000 participants, including  25,000 official delegates from government, intergovernmental organizations, UN agencies, NGOs and civil society.