Errata – Sophia’s Mission on Planet Earth



Page Reads Should Read
4 3rd para galaxy’s protal the portal to the galaxy
4 4th para. Prince Solo birthplace Prince Solo’s birthplace
6 4th para. Time rushed buy. Time rushed by.
6 5th para fascinated with fascinated by
7 1sr para. the mother spaceship computer the mother-spaceship’s  computer
8 2nd para great planes great plains
9 1st para. 7th’s grade 7th grade
9 3rd para. has haapend farway has happened faraway
10 1st para. in Prince Solo’s planet on Prince Solo’s planet
12 5th para. discovery which discovery of which
13 5th para portal another galaxy. portal of  another galaxy.
14 4th para on this planet on this planet.
15 1st para to people inside. to people inside them.
16 2nd para dressed in a funny way. was dressed in a funny way.
16 5th para that was taking care who was taking care
18 1st para warning his aunt to warn his aunt.
19 5th para learn early at an early age
19 5th para they choose do they choose
21th 1str para in an out-of-use road on an out-of-use-road
22 6th para but is not able to enforce it but it is not able to enforce it
24 5t para Sophia was shocked with Sophia as shocked by
25 1st para it’s time to take off to it’s time we took off to New York
28 1st para women sector women’s sector
28 2nd para a travel bagpack a travel backpack
28 6th para overweighed its storage outweighed its storage capacity
5th parag listening with  interesred listening with interest
Ch 7 Title Prisioner of Oil Pirates Prisoner of Oil Pirates
40 4th para these oil pirates with these oil pirates
46 4th para our idiom our language
51 1st para leaders members leader members
47 4th para insisted in insisted on
49 2nd para to our preparations for our preparations
53 1st para environmental problems environmental problems
56 1st para in the screen on the screen
57 2nd para at a spot in the sky on a spot in the sky