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Mayan Communities declare War on Plastics

Data / date: 07/08/18 Sem comentarios / No Comments

Since June the community of San Miguel Petapa in Guatemala has banned single use plastics. After 2 months of campaigning and information, any store or street vendor selling their plastic or styrofoam merchandise will pay a fine between       $ 150 and $ 650 dollars, a pretty high value for a country with low [...]

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image Fontaineo

Water of Paris, clean and cheap

Data / date: 27/03/18 Sem comentarios / No Comments

Parisians now have a drinking water supply 200 times cheaper than bottled water, good for health and pocket and even better for the environment because it comes without packaging. A family of 4 people only pays 1 Euro for the supply of 100 liters of water per day. The price includes protection and maintenance of [...]

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Solar energy help to cool schools in Hawaii

Data / date: 27/02/18 Sem comentarios / No Comments

Some schools in Hawaii are using solar energy stored in power walls to cool the classrooms. The initiative aims to solve the problem of high temperatures that make it difficult for students to concentrate in the classrooms. The government has launched an initiative for schools to cool their classrooms without using electricity. The solution came [...]

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Safi Organics

The story of Rigu with a happy end

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There was once a boy named Rigu who lived in Kenya, a country that has the lowest crop yield in the world. The region depends on the rain and suffers from the droughts. There is also increasing temperatures caused by climate change and climate instability. Rigu suffered from this situation in his cornfield he began [...]

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Help to light up Porto Rico comes from Tesla

Data / date: 29/09/17 Sem comentarios / No Comments

Hurricane Maria has paralyzed the transportation, communication and water supply networks and left Puerto Rico without electricity. Help came from Tesla and Elon Musk, the company’s chief executive. Tesla is shipping hundreds of its Powerwall battery systems to the US territory that store solar energy and operate along with solar panels to provide clean energy. [...]

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BioCarbon drones

100.000 trees in one day? Yes, it is possible, with drones

Data / date: 31/08/17 Sem comentarios / No Comments

Earth needs forests to breathe and balance the climate. Plant trees and restore an ecosystem is a challenge in terms of time and hard work. In Malaysia, an innovative solution will transform the Irrawaddy River delta with the use of drones to plant 1 million trees in record time. The technology is from BioCarbon, an [...]

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Coccon, Land Life Company

COCOON: sucess in planting trees!

Data / date: 08/08/17 Sem comentarios / No Comments

Cocoon is an innovative technology for planting trees and plants in deserted areas. The equipment allows to revitalize ecosystems and to attend the needs of communities. The cost is 10 times cheaper than the traditional planting system and after planting it is not necessary to irrigate or special care. The advantages that make technology successful: [...]

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Solutions for Saving Water!

Data / date: 11/10/16 Sem comentarios / No Comments

Here is the future, a world of solutions for our need of water that does not damage the environment. GeekTech presents 5 solutions to save water and make our future enjoyable.

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Fresh News Daily - Bhutan

108.000 trees to celebrate 1 birth

Data / date: 30/03/16 Sem comentarios / No Comments

February 5th,  2016 – The birth of his Royal Highness Halsey, first child of King Jigme Wangchuck and Jetsun Pema Queen was celebrated with the planting of 108.000 saplings of trees. Each household  planted 82,000 trees and volunteers planted over 26,000 trees across the country. In total, 108 thousand saplings. Bhutan is committed to the [...]

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Seals lover river Thames

Data / date: 25/08/15 Sem comentarios / No Comments

The river Thames was able to fully recover from pollution. The Zoological Society of London, (ZSL) has received records of 2732 animals during the last 10 years. Fifty  years ago the Thames was so polluted as the Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro and was declared “biologically extinct” by excess of dirt. Nowadays the sighting [...]

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