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The Future is Electric

Data / date: 25/10/10 1 comentario / 1 Comment

The Paris Motor Show, held form October 2-17, had a lot of highlights, with major firms and smaller ones displaying their best car models. Among many trends, you could notice one theme: the future of cars is electric. All sort of electric vehicules, charging system and battery innovations were there. Ten 100%  electric cars demonstrate [...]

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EcoATM, making money with old stuff

Data / date: 06/10/10 Sem comentarios / No Comments

Now you can bring your old phone and other electronics to an EcoATM and swap it for cash. Several machines are operating in the United States. Let’s hope they come soon to Brazil and every country in the world! People can not live without technology, but life can not go on without recycling.

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Árvore Milenar

A Tree called Methuselah

Data / date: 28/09/10 2 Comentarios / Comments

According to the Bible,  Methuselah was Noah’s grandfather and lived 930 years! Having lived so long his name was given to one of the oldest trees of our planet. It is 4,800 years old. Methuselah Tree is a type of pine tree that grows in the upper part of western North America and has survived to [...]

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What have you done to me?

Data / date: 17/08/10 Sem comentarios / No Comments

The question could be done by the pelican turned brown because the oil spill in Gulf of Mexico. Exausted, he try to reach one of the oil containment boom. Will it survive? Maybe. And us? Could we survive in a world full of risks? The former Russian minister of nuclear energy has a proposal that [...]

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Mexico 2010: Accomplish what we have started.

Data / date: 06/08/10 Sem comentarios / No Comments

Cancun, Mexico will host the next Conference on Climate Change. The developed and undeveloped nations must reach an agreement to cut 50% of the pollution of greenhouse gases. On December 21, 2009, the president of the UN assembly in New York said: “everyone agrees that the UN should take the lead … and certainly there will be a meeting in [...]

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