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The man who planted a forest.

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His name is Jadav ”Molai” Payeng and he has planted a forest in his native country, India. Tne story began 30 years ago, when he was  just 16 years. The floods of  1979 killed a large number of snakes that died in the heat, without any cover of the trees. Jadav wept and resolved to change the place. He asked for advice and the answer was he should start planting  bamboo. He was alone, [...]

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Futuristic Classroom

Schools of the future

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No one doubts the future will be different, but how the cities of the future will  the cities of the future look like ? And the schools? The  Lava and Arup project has been  praised in  an Australian  competition for devising  schools of the future. The aim was to introduce sustainable classrooms. The spaces should be integrated with the landscape and make the [...]

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Peter Priolo

New York ladybug is making a comeback!

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The  nine-spotted  Ladybug is one of the official symbols of the State of New York. For 29 years she was missing and hardly anyone have  noticed. Now, after all these years, the insect is making a comeback. It was seen ast summer among the sunflowers in Amangasett, by Peter Priolo, a volunteer member of the Lost Ladybug Project. The project aims to prevent the species disappereance.  A possible cause of it is the [...]

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Commercial flight using cooking oil biofuel

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The first commercial flight running on biofuel derived from cooking oil took off today 9 / 11 from  Seattle, United States. The Alaska Airlines announced that it will use biofuel prepared by Dynamic Fuels, a mixture containing 20% of cooking oil and 80% traditional jet fuel. Lufthansa was the first European airlines to use biofuel and United Airlines was the first American company to make a commercial flight with biofuel made ​​from algae, last Monday. The UN agency for Industrial Development UNIDO, signed on 3 November an agreement with [...]

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China will do away with incandescent bulbs

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You know those light bulbs that are being used less and less because they spend more? Well, China decided to phase them out from October 1, 2012. The goal is to replace a billion light bulbs with more efficient models used within 5 years. According to the International Energy Agency, lighting accounts for 19% of the electricity consumed in the world. This number can be reduced to 7% if the rest of the world do the same as China. It is a big [...]

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How can vineyards kill salmons?

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All ecosystems are all interconnected  and function in a large network like the Internet. The imbalance of an ecosystem can bring the most unexpected effects to another. What is happening in Sonoma County in the U.S. because of the vineyards give us an example of this imbalance. When planting grapes to make wine,  vineyards’ owners are [...]

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Amazon 360º

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Google has reached the Rio Negro in the Amazon Basin with cameras that capture 360-degree views to collect panoramic images. Google’s next step is to capture images of the Amazon to share the environment and culture of the region with the world. The Google team is sailing down  rivers and  and cycling through the villages of the world’s largest rain forest in search of updating the Street View project in the  Amazon. Fonte: [...]

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US 10 million lamp

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Phillips Company has won  U.S. $ 10 million of  Bright Light Tomorrow Prize for its LED lamp (Light Emitting Diode) of 60 watts. The prize was awarded by the US Department of Energy (DOE). If  all of 60-watt incandescent bulbs  in the United States  were replaced by this, the country would save about 35 terawatt hours of electricity or 3.9 billions in one year. The coolest thing is the economy of 20 million metric tons of carbon emissions! The award has existed since 2008 and [...]

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Japan: the race for solar energy

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After the disaster with the nuclear plant of Fukushima, Japan is committed to achieve secure, clean and renewable energy. CNN ‘s video show how  factories of solar panels coulde be “the new oil fields.” We do hope so!

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A tree to stop the traffic road

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It is an oak tree and has between 700 and 800 years. It had recently gained the status of monumental tree, entitled to protection granted by an official commission. To achieve this, the inhabitants of a Turkey Aegean village took to the streets to protest against the felling of the tree. Kadkikoy citizens and environmentalists began to stand guard around the oak tree to keep it from being chopped down  as part of the construction of the Salihil Denizli [...]

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