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Paper made with elephant’s poo

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Sri Lank is a small country with a large population of wild Asian elephants. The human population is growing and there is less room for elephants. The animals invade communities and farms in search of food. A large number of elephants are killed not because of their tusks or meat, but because they interfere with [...]

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Imagem Pequeño Editor, Argentina

A book that grow back into a tree

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Books are made with paper that comes from trees. We use many trees to make books and we need to carte  that they continue to exist. Then came the idea of doing a book that can be planted and be tree again. In Argentina, every year 1,500 titles are published and each month  6 million [...]

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Ecovative's Mushroom® Packaging cradle wine shipper

Instead of plastic or polystyrene, mushrooms!

Data / date: 12/05/15 2 Comentarios / Comments

We know that both  plastic and polystyrene are materials that have an enviromental impact. A new solution exists with dare materials made from by-products of agriculture and mushroom fibers or mycelium. The mycelium is a natural glue, self-assembling that works well to absorb the waste and produce waste materials that do not cause harm to [...]

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God news, bee hives in airports!

Data / date: 21/02/15 1 comentario / 1 Comment

The five hives of Montreal- Mirabel International Airport in Quebec are full of eggs! The pilot project of beekeeping is thriving. The colonies are located on back roads in the airport. The idea is perfectly feasible for use of space in areas where buildings are prohibited. The first airport to embrace the activity was Hamburg [...]

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Mysterious fish

Data / date: 03/02/15 1 comentario / 1 Comment

Discovered in 2012 by photographer Yoji Ookata the  puffer fish is a new and mysterious fish’s species. The fish makes geometric designs on the seabed that look like the crop circles, drawings attributed to extraterrestrials. The fish was found in Amami Oshima, a Japanese island. Underwater cameras showed that using only its flapping fin the [...]

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Mochila solar - Schoolbag

Recycled solar schoolbag

Data / date: 11/01/15 3 Comentarios / Comments

A “Repurpose schoolbag” is a 100% recycled schoolbag  with a solar plate that charges up during the day and transforms into a light so that children can study when they get home.They allow children to improve their school performance and complete their homework. Moreover, the schoolbags are made with retro-reflective material that shines and make [...]

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Plenty of Letuce!

Data / date: 18/07/14 3 Comentarios / Comments

Using only 1% of water, if compared to a farm in the countryside, an indoor farm in Japan uses LED lamps and hydroponics system for producing lettuce 2.5 times faster. Thinking of future, growing food in factories makes. a lot of sense with  technology help to build efficient production lines that work as nature to [...]

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Surfists create a perfect eco skate

Data / date: 10/06/14 4 Comentarios / Comments

“Since its beginning , skateboarding, originally  known as sidewalk surfing ”  has been a way for surfers to be stoked between the surf sessions”. (Save Waves, Facebook) And ,  it is not surprising that three surfers friends, Ben Kneppers, David Stover, and Kevin Ahearn had the brilliant idea of ​​creating a skateboard made with fish [...]

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I want to become a tree!

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Everyone knows we will die someday. As a child, you realize that living things die, but nobody likes to think about it. After all, who likes the idea of ​​being eaten by microbes? Turn into ashes is now a better option, since no one is going to eat us, but even nicer would be  to [...]

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Better car ever tested is electric!

Data / date: 06/04/14 1 comentario / 1 Comment

According to Consumers Reports magazine, specialized in evaluating products and services, Tesla Model S is the best car they have ever tested. It can  be easily compared to any oil model and even beat them.  Take a look at statistics. In the first three months of 2013, more people bought the Tesla Model S electric [...]

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