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What is biocapacity?

Data / date: 19/03/11 1 comentario / 1 Comment

Biocapacity or biological capacity, which is the ability of generate an ongoing supply of resources to a local demand population, and to absorb wastes generated by these people. These resources include all the ecosystems in land sea. If the ecological footprint (demand for resources) of a country exceeds its biocapacity, this country does not have [...]

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There is a tree of Music?

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In 1786, a man named Francois Xavier Tourte invented something that would change the world of the music world. For better! Tourte managed to make a bow for string instruments, especially the violin. The violin needs an arch that has to be flexible and firm and Tourte ‘s challenge was to find the perfect timber. He found what he looked for in the [...]

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Environmental compensation, is it possible?

Data / date: 07/03/11 2 Comentarios / Comments

Every human activity has caused changes in environment since the beginning of our history. Hunting, fishing and gathering fruit are the activities that have begun to transform the cycle of nature. With the increase of population in the world, these changes or environmental impacts have increased until they cause more serious damage such as loss of forest areas and global warming. When the human [...]

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What is Biodiversity?

Data / date: 01/03/11 1 comentario / 1 Comment

Increasingly, we hear of “biodiversity”, but what is it? Splitting the word makes understanding easier. Bio comes from Greek and means life. Diversity is the same  as variety. Biodiversity is the degree of variation in life forms: species variety of animals, plants and living beings that exist on Earth. The Brazilian Amazon Forest is known as one of the richest places in [...]

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Weather or climate?

Data / date: 14/02/11 3 Comentarios / Comments

The day is hot and you risk saying: “Must be global warming.” Can it be climate change the cause of such a hot day? Maybe or maybe not. First, we should know the difference between weather and climate. Weather refers to what happens in the atmosphere at a given time and includes temperature, rainfall and humidity. Weather varies accordingly to a region can change suddenly. You can wake [...]

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What’s Overshoot day?

Data / date: 08/02/11 2 Comentarios / Comments

It is the day when our demand of nature resources begins to exceed nature’s capacity of renewable supply. Every year the Global Footprint Network calculates when it happens. In 2010,  overshoot day was on August 21st. Last year the “overshoot” day was on September 25. Nature “stoks” have depleted quicker this year because we are [...]

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What is an ecosystem?

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The word ecosystem comes from the Greek language. Eco means“home”. System is also a Greek word, meaning “combine”, “adjust”, “form a whole.” System + Home means a combined set (harmonized) = ecosystem In nature, an ecosystem is when multiple living elements such as animals, plants and bacteria exist in harmony with elements of the environment like water, light, soil, wind. Example: [...]

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Photosynthesis is carbon sequestration?

Data / date: 17/08/10 1 comentario / 1 Comment

I Carbon sequestration is withdrawing carbon dioxide gas or CO2 from the atmosphere. The trees make the withdrawal  of CO2 from the atmosphere which is known as photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the conversion of environmental factors into food for plants. The plants feed on light, water, and carbon dioxide. Photosynthesis takes place in three steps: 1. Plants suck carbon dioxide [...]

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Ecological Footprint

Data / date: 17/08/10 3 Comentarios / Comments

We can say it is the human being’s digital left on nature. It  measures our impact on the environment: the amount of productive land and water we use to produce what we consume; and the space we need to put our trash. In short, we can say that the ecological footprint is the amount of [...]

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Who is the “Little Prince”?

Data / date: 10/08/10 Sem comentarios / No Comments

“Little Prince” is a robot gardener, namesake of the book by Saint Exupery.  It was made to find  on Mars the necessary elements for plants to  live in the planet. It  has to learn how to find nutrients for the plant it carries in its body. When it is in the right place, the robot stops [...]

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