100.000 trees in one day? Yes, it is possible, with drones

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BioCarbon drones

Earth needs forests to breathe and balance the climate. Plant trees and restore an ecosystem is a challenge in terms of time and hard work.
In Malaysia, an innovative solution will transform the Irrawaddy River delta with the use of drones to plant 1 million trees in record time. The technology is from BioCarbon, an Irish start-up and enables the planting of 100,000 trees in a single day.
First,  the drones fly over a land to map the topography and choose a better location for planting. Then a second wave of drones flies over the area and “shoots” like seed pods on the ground according to calculations made by previous drones.
BioCarbon works with an International Worldview Foundation, a non-profit organization that runs tree planting projects. In Myanmar, as mangroves are particularly important because they help provide an ecosystem for the fish to live and protect like backs of storms. Restore as trees and protect as vulnerable people living in coastal areas.