Certified Humane Seal

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The Certified Humane seal represents respect for animals and means that animal raising obeys  strict requirements of Humane Farm Animal Care Program, the world leader in the certification of this kind.

Taking the example of chicken farming,  the requirements are:

• No cages

• Ample space and shelter in ventilated and clean barns

• Gentle handling to limit stress

• Freedom to do what comes naturally like scratching the ground in search of food, roosting,  take dust baths

• Ready access to free space when weather permits

• Nutritious food, free of antibiotics

• Fresh and pure water when they need

When you see a product with the label Certified Humane you can be sure that come from plants which comply with precise criteria, objective standards for the treatment of farm animals.

In Brazil, chef Jamie Oliver and Sadia are developing a partnership to give the seal CERTIFIED HUMANE to farms where the company raise chickens and turkeys to sell in supermarkets. As the English chef  likes to say, it is the Food Revolution!

Source: Nellie’s Free Range Eggs