108.000 trees to celebrate 1 birth

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February 5th,  2016 – The birth of his Royal Highness Halsey, first child of King Jigme Wangchuck and Jetsun Pema Queen was celebrated with the planting of 108.000 saplings of trees. Each household  planted 82,000 trees and volunteers planted over 26,000 trees across the country. In total, 108 thousand saplings.

Bhutan is committed to the preservation of nature and the country’s constitution states that 60% of the land remains forested forever.

According to the Buddhist tradition,  a tree provides and nurtures all forms of life. It is the symbol of  longevity, health, beauty and compassion.

Fresh News Daily - Bhutan

People of Bhutan say: “We nurture them as if we were nurturing the prince”

This is an idea that should be  true for every birth on the planet.

At least 1 tree per child!

Source: Mail Online.