Seals lover river Thames

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John Stillwell/PA

The river Thames was able to fully recover from pollution. The Zoological Society of London, (ZSL) has received records of 2732 animals during the last 10 years.

Fifty  years ago the Thames was so polluted as the Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro and was declared “biologically extinct” by excess of dirt. Nowadays the sighting of various animals by the public proves otherwise. Despite the murk appearance of the water, the river is full of life, with a wide variety of fish, invertebrates and even predators. Whales, seals and dolphins are seen in the river and some venture into the channel in  London.
Scientists estimate there are 670 harbors where seals are found along the estuary. They seek the protection that does not exist in the North Sea, and different habitats that can be used by mammals.
We believe the Guarnabara Bay can also recover for the existing pollution and live up to its coat with the two dolphins. They used to appear in large quantities in the bay.
Source: BBC, 20 august.