Mysterious fish

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Discovered in 2012 by photographer Yoji Ookata the  puffer fish is a new and mysterious fish’s species.

The fish makes geometric designs on the seabed that look like the crop circles, drawings attributed to extraterrestrials. The fish was found in Amami Oshima, a Japanese island.
Underwater cameras showed that using only its flapping fin the fish works day and night to carve the circular grooves. The artist still takes small shells with which deco his sculpture.
Further observation has revealed that this “mysterious circle” was not there just to make the beautiful ocean floor. Attracted by the grooves and ridges,  females will find mates and lay eggs in the center of the circle.
In fact, the scientists observed that the more ridges containing the circles, the more likely was the female to mate with the male. And most fascinating of all, through experiments performed in the laboratory, it was discovered that the carved circles protect the eggs from being thrown out and exposed to predators.

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