New York ladybug is making a comeback!

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Peter Priolo

The  nine-spotted  Ladybug is one of the official symbols of the State of New York. For 29 years she was missing and hardly anyone have  noticed. Now, after all these years, the insect is making a comeback.

It was seen ast summer among the sunflowers in Amangasett, by Peter Priolo, a volunteer member of the Lost Ladybug Project. The project aims to prevent the species disappereance.  A possible cause of it is the loss of agricultural land, but imported Asian species may have interfered with ladybug’s thriving.

Other ladybugs have been  found in the organic farm Peconic Land Trust between carrots and beans in Amangasett, on flowers like cosmos and zinnias. According to Dr.  Losey, director of the Lost Ladybug Project, there could not be a better place for them.


Source: James Gorman, N. Y. Times.